Awareness, Efforts & Projects:

Because we feel that motorcycle safety is roadway safety and the fact that a majority of motorcyclists are car/truck drivers, we are in the enviable position of being able to address issues concerning all motorists and help bikers change their driving behaviors. Our primary issues of concern are:

  • State of Motorcycles on Mississippi Roads—this is a new initiative we began in June 2014 and are continuing through 2015. This project is an effort to help make motorcyclists/bikers accept responsibility for their roadway behavior. We are working with Mississippi motorcycle, riding, and social clubs to fully develop the skills of the members of these clubs, provide leadership with first aid, basic motorcycle inspection, and keep them up to date on safety trends, as well as develop a more uniform group ride environment.
  • Riders Helping Riders—a project we found on the NHTSA website that allows us to provide motorcyclists, as well as car/truck drivers, with the tools to intervene and prevent impaired riders (motorists) from operating their vehicles. This project was started in 2013.
  • Motorcycle Safety Efforts:
    • Distracted Driving Shatters Lives—this is awareness effort is extremely important because many motorcyclists are car/truck drivers. This effort has helped in raising awareness in the motoring community, particularly motorcyclists, that operating a motor vehicle while distracted is similar to operating a motor vehicle while impaired. Also we have found that the incidence of bikers riding their motorcycles while distracted is increasing.
    • Your Brain Matters, Wear Your Helmet—this project is geared towards increasing the number of bikers who wear helmets by stressing how helmets save lives.
    • Skill Development & Basic Rider Courses—these courses are crucial because safe riding skills are the foundation of motorcycling and can help decrease the likelihood of a crash or decrease the severity of a crash. The Skill Development Course (SDC) helps those riders with some riding experience learn safer riding techniques, such as curving/cornering, braking, crash avoidance, and shifting, among others. The Basic Rider Course is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified course that is 2-3 days and has classroom and riding range components.
  • Motosteps role in the year 2017 to present is to now be an important vessel to promote roadway safety in its entirety which includes motorcycle safety, drivers education, alcohol and driving awareness, and also occupant protection. Our goal is to decrease the number of fatalities in the state. We know it is impossible to bring the data and numbers to zero, but possible to work at small percentages at a time in each city.