Mississippi MoToSteps Motorcycle Safety Training, Inc. (MoToSteps) was founded in January 2006 and obtained its 501 (c) 3 non profit status effective January 19, 2006.

It was founded with the mission to help keep Mississippi’s roadways safer for motorists, particularly motorcyclists.

Although MoToSteps provides motorcycle safety training, its goal is to  work with schools, hospitals, motorcycle clubs, as well as other interested entities to raise awareness about the issue of motorcycle safety.

The idea of the organization began because the organization’s CEO, Robert Walton, observed the need. He had several friends die or become seriously injured due to unsafe motorcycle riding techniques. Since 2006, MoToSteps has provided MSF certified basic rider training to more 300 new and re-entry riders and 103 military personnel.

The primary interest of this organization is to develop safer riders through quality, certified rider training and by raising awareness of the importance of developing safer riding techniques.

The ultimate goal is to become a database and an awareness organization for information regarding roadway and rider safety.